All clients or exhibitors wishing to utilise gas cylinders or appliances must obtain written approval from PCEC not less than 20 business days prior to the commencement date.  Each application will be assessed with the safety of the patrons as its prime concern.

The following are general guidelines:

  • The installation and connection is to be carried out by an installer licensed to carry out such work.
  • Storage cylinders are not to exceed 9kg.
  • Exhibitors are limited to one cylinder per stand and not more than 1 cylinder may be placed within 15 metres of another.
  • All gas cylinders are to be removed from the premises at the end of each day and to be stored in the Hazardous Goods Store, located on the loading dock. Please see Floor Manager on Duty.
  • A 4kg CO2 or 4kg Dry Chemical fire extinguisher is to be provided by the Client or Exhibitor for each appliance using L.P. gas.

Please visit the PCEC website to down load and submit the PCEC Gas order form.

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