Public Liability Insurance, Venue Inductions & Foreign Labour

Public Liability Insurance

Diversified Communications is committed to delivering the best event experience and outcomes for our Exhibitors and visitors. A key part is ensuring that every exhibitor is sufficiently insured against the kinds of risks that may occur in connection with the exhibition, especially Public Liability, All Risks on Property and Employer’s Liability.

Diversified has worked closely with our insurance issuer to create a Public Liability Insurance product that is cost effective, easy to administer and provides for 100% current and correct cover for your participation in the exhibition. A flat $40 (including GST), has been included on your Exhibition Stand Contract. This allows Diversified to apply to our insurer, on your behalf, for $10 million PLI cover for a single event in respect of public liability, general property and employer’s liability insurance. Exhibitors will not be required to make an application or pay any money directly to an insurance company.

Please note

  • Exhibitors are responsible for ensuring they hold a suitable WorkCover policy for their staff.
  • Space only exhibitors are required to ensure their stand builder also has the necessary public liability insurance and work cover.

Venue Inductions

PCEC’s pavilions are considered construction zone during the move in and move out phase of an exhibition (Construction Phase).

As part PCEC’s Contractor/Subcontractor Occupational Health, Safety and Environment standards, all contractors & those self-building are required to complete the Contractor OHS&E Online Induction.

Link to complete the online induction –

When registering a new account go to “Click here to Register” and enter the code PCEC Client. link to complete the Online Induction

You are required to:

  • Read the induction material
  • Only complete the PCEC Contractor Induction
  • Pass the test at the end of the presentation
  • Print off the certificate or save on your phone to verify successful completion of OHS&E induction on site at PCEC
  • Send the certificate to

If any assistance is needed to complete this online induction a helpline is available on 1300 304 931.

Worksafe WA requires that all contractors entering a construction zone area hold the correct permit – referred to as a “Blue” or “White” Card.

Construction Safety Awareness Training is both accessible and simple. For more information regarding how to obtain a blue card and what other Australian state cards are recognised in WA, please refer to:

A Blue / White Card is not required for Exhibitors, only contracted stand builders.

Foreign Labour

It is important to make sure all foreign staff involved in the event have relevant visas and insurance covering them for their time in Australia. All construction, materials and safe work practices must comply with the relevant Australian Standards. All foreign labour must also have an understanding of these practices/standards. Any non-Australian staff (including account managers, contractors and stand builders) involved in the construction of stands should have a worker’s compensation insurance policy that meets the statutory requirements of the Workers Compensation Act (NSW) 1987.

Please note that insurance taken outside of Australia may not be valid within Australia. It is the responsibility of the stand builder to ensure that all insurances meet with Australian standards. If insurance can’t be provided or does not meet Australian standards, the stand builder and their staff will not be permitted access to the site.

It is a requirement that there is at least one English speaking member of the team on site at all times during the move in and move out of the stand.