Space Only Stands Information

Space Only Stand Design Requirements

All Space Only stands are required to submit a stand design to the Organiser via the Online Exhibitor Manual(OEM) at least 28 days prior to the show for approval. Login details for the OEM have been sent to the Exhibitor Stand Coordinator. The organiser reserves the right to reject any design if it does not comply with W/OH&S guidelines or venue building regulations.  Please ensure you have submitted these designs acknowledging the below requirements.

  • We understand that weight loading at the venue is 2 Tonnes per square metre
  • We understand that this stand does not come with lighting, power, walls or carpet
  • Our walls are 2.5m high, approval required if higher
  • A 5 metre height limit applies to ALL stand designs. No exceptions
  • The structure of our stand and contents sit within the contracted space
  • Our adjoining walls are devoid of any branding overlooking neighbouring stands
  • Our stand has adequate pits for water/waste OR we do not require pits for water/waste
  • All open sides are at least 1/3 open or have been fitted with a transparent material
  • An engineering report has been supplied for any second storey stands
  • Stand design includes locations of smoke alarms & fire extinguisher for any stand with a roof
  • All material must comply with the Fire Hazard properties standards and codes and a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) must be produced upon request
  • Any flooring, steps and ramps included in the stand design comply with National construction code (NCC) standards
  • We are obliged to ensure all electrical items that come on site are tested and tagged, including those of our stand builder.
  • Our designs include exact dimensions, aerial & plan views including height, floor height & ramping gradient

Please note: Hand drawn stand design submissions WILL NOT be accepted.

Compulsory Inductions

Any contractors or persons constructing a stand on site (including exhibitors constructing their own stands) and anyone present during move in and move out to provide services on a stand (e.g. furniture hire, floristry, signage, styling) is required to complete BOTH the venue and organiser inductions, as outlined here

Failure to register / induct all staff will result delays accessing the pavilions during move in and move out.

Fire Regulations

All stands using cooking appliances must have a fire extinguisher supported on a wall by bracket 1.2 metres above the floor. The installation of any fuel burning appliances must conform to the Uniform Building Regulations and the Theatre & Public Works Act 1901 (Appendix D 1987). See also Gas in this section.

Should construction of stands or exhibits create a potential smoke-locked area or create an area not serviceable by the existing sprinkler systems, the management of the exhibition venue, under advice from the Insurance Council of Australia, may require the smoke detection, emergency lighting, and exit lighting systems to be extended to cover the stand or exhibit areas.


Raised floors with a height of less that 50mm are not regarded as a step and generally will not require a ramp.  However, an approved stair nosing must be installed as per requirements for steps in public places.

All raised floors with a height greater than 50mm, but less than 190mm, from the main exhibition floor level or surrounding platform will be regarded as a step and these floors will require a suitable and clearly distinguishable ramp from the main exhibition floor level or surrounding platform to the raised section.  The ramp must be of a gradient no less than 1:3 and be contained within the Venue. Ramps must not protrude into the nominated aisle way, so must be included in the stand space.

The raised floor sections or ramps must not contain sharp or dangerous edges and must not cause a trip hazard as well as being clearly distinguishable from the surrounding area.

Floor Load Weight Limits

All floor areas within PCEC have a maximum floor load limit. The Client is required to notify the Organiser not less than 20 Business Days prior to the Commencement Date of the show of any object weighing more than 500kg and provide the following information:

1. The dimensions of the base of the item.
2. The gross weight of the item.
3. Provide a picture or diagram of the item.
4. Indicate on the floor plan where the item is to be located.