Venue Information, Business Services, Emergency Evacuation,Fire Regulations, Height Restrictions, Helium Balloons

Business Services

The PCEC Information Desk is located on Level 2 next to the @ Liberty Café & Bar and offers a wide range of stationery and business services to exhibitors including faxing, photocopying and laminating.  Hours of operation are 8:30am-5pm Monday – Friday.

Emergency Evacuation Procedures

All Emergency services need to be coordinated through the Event security to ensure that the emergency vehicles are given the correct information. All security staff are qualified in First Aid procedures.  For any first aid requirements please visit security on the show floor or go to the Organiser’s Office where security can be contacted.

In the event of a decision to evacuate, the following announcement will be made Emergency Warning System:

“Ladies and Gentlemen, a situation has arisen which necessitates our interrupting your event. There is no cause for alarm, but we request you quietly and calmly leave the building by the exit nearest to you. Our staff will direct you from there. Please do not collect any personal belongings from the cloakroom, you will be advised when it is safe to return to the building.”

Following this announcement, the Evacuation Tone (loud whooping alarm) will sound. Staff,
Clients, Exhibitors, Agents and Patrons will immediately make their way to the nearest
emergency exit and report to Assembly Points No.3 and/or No.4 at the front of the building.

Assembly Point Locations

There are 4 assembly areas in case of an emergency. These are located at:

1. Level 1 in front of the Adina Hotel.
2. Level 1 in between PCEC and the Train Station (by the Spotless Office).
3. Level 2 on the grassed area in front of the PCEC Café (Summer Garden).
4. Level 2 on the grassed area to the East of the Busport entrance (Winter Garden)

Please leave all main doors clear for emergency personnel. All Clients of PCEC are requested to familiarise themselves with the emergency exits within the building and the nearest assembly.

Click below to download the assembly point locations.

Download File

Fire Regulations

Any materials used for construction of your stand or display must conform to the following minimum standards:

  • Non-combustible and inherently non-flammable material.
  • Durable, flame-proof fabric.
  • Self-extinguishing plastic.
  • Plywood, hardwood or fibre-board rendered flame-resistant by a process of impregnation acceptable to the authorities.

Fire extinguishers and firefighting equipment must at all times be visible and accessible, and must not be removed from its correct location. Motor vehicles or other mechanical appliances displayed within the exhibition venue must contain a full tank of fuel, their batteries must be disconnected and a drip tray placed under the sump.  It is the responsibility of the exhibitor to provide a fire extinguisher with any vehicle in the hall.

All stands using cooking appliances must have a fire extinguisher supported on a wall by bracket 1.2 metres above the floor. The installation of any fuel burning appliances must conform to the Uniform Building Regulations and the Theatre & Public Works Act 1901 (Appendix D 1987). See also Gas in this section.

Should construction of stands or exhibits create a potential smoke-locked area or create an area not serviceable by the existing sprinkler systems, the management of the exhibition venue, under advice from the Insurance Council of Australia, may require the smoke detection, emergency lighting, and exit lighting systems to be extended to cover the stand or exhibit areas.

Please notify the organisers if you intend on bringing a vehicle, utilising a naked flame, doing hot work, cooking, or utilising LPG Gas for more information about requirements.

Height Restrictions

Stands must not exceed 2.5m in height without permission of the Organisers. Where permission is given for perimeter walls above this height, then the wall must be solid and dressed on both sides to the satisfaction of adjoining exhibitors.

A 5 metre height limit applies to ALL stand designs. No exceptions.

Exhibitors should contact the Organisers if you have any queries.

Helium Balloons

Helium balloons and inflatable devices are only permitted as fixed features of a stand or exhibit. Exhibitors must obtain written approval from PCEC for the use of air or helium balloons and inflatable devices at least 20 business days before the event commences. Please note that exhibitors will be charged for the removal of balloons left in PCEC and fire brigade call outs for false alarms caused by balloons and/or other exhibition related items tripping PCEC’s alarm system.

Helium Balloon permit form located here