Internet Access

Internet Access


Access to the free wireless internet service is available throughout the venue via the main PCEC internet portal page. This service is limited to a 512Kb speed for 60 minutes of access time upon agreeing with the terms and conditions.  Please note that the actual speed of the connection will be influenced by the number and density of concurrent users within the centre; and is intended for general web browsing and checking web-based email only.

Instructions for connecting:

1. Connect to the PCEC_Wireless network
2. Open an Internet Browser, which will get redirected to the PCEC Portal Page
3. Accept the terms and conditions by ticking the box under the SELECT PLAN button
4. Click on the SELECT PLAN button and you will be redirected to a page where you can select either a free 60 minutes by clicking Select or free 90 minutes by clicking LOGIN WITH FACEBOOK
5. Once the time has been reached you will be re-directed back to the above portal page to connect again

Pre-Purchased Wireless Internet Plans

If the free Wireless Internet does not meet your requirements you can upgrade to pre-purchase wireless internet .

Select the plan that best suits your requirements from the four speeds available:

2mb: Low usage – email, regular browsing, online voting, social media
4mb: Medium usage – youtube – medium quality, skype, small file sharing
6mb: High usage – medium quality streaming, skype, sharing large files, HD video (youtube/netflix etc)


Please visit the PCEC website to download and submit the Internet Services - Wireless Internet Order form.

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Internet - Cable

Does your space require high speed, large downloads or, streaming? Then you need to add cabled internet to your stand to ensure a reliable connection.

Please visit the PCEC website to download and submit the Internet Services - Cables Internet Order form.

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